what is fundsevent luxembourg?


SAVE THE DATE for the number 1 event dedicated to the funds selection industry!

When? February 4th, 2016
New Conference Center Kirchberg

300 key decision makers from within the financial sector are expected for this 7th edition. Over 75% of the target audience is composed of professionals directly or indirectly involved in the selection of financial products: family offices directors, private bankers, and life insurers, decision-makers in the funds of funds or pension funds fields…


  • 9:20
    Opening Words

    by Edouard Bokuetenge, President, Fund Platform Group

  • 9:30
    Economic or political risks in 2016

    By Philippe Waechter, Chief economist of Natixis Asset Management

  • 9:45
    Panel Discussion - Thematic Investments

    On a macroeconomic level, professionals find significant investment in Asia, in Africa, or others may think strategically according to economic growth, clean energy, the rising issues of water etc. What are the ideal long term investment strategies? 


    Sebastien Cordoliani, Asset Manager, EWUB
    Charles Nollet, CIO, Credit Agricole
    Lionel Balle, Head of Fixed Income, Kredietrust Luxembourg

    Moderated by Sasho Bogoevski, Managing Director – Multi Asset Solutions, AB

  • 10:10
    One Minute To Convince
  • 10:20
    Coffee Break
  • 10:50
    Workshop session (30′ each)


    CPR AM

    Capturing opportunities while navigating uncertainty, Cyrille Geneslay, Balanced Portfolio Manager


    AXA IM 

    Succeeding In A Volatile World, Serge Pizem, Global Head of Multi Asset Investments, 



    Using Factor Premiums within Client Solutions, Sasho Bogoevski, Managing Director – Multi Asset Solutions



  • 11:20
    Workshop session (30′ each)

    Capital Group

    Investing without borders, Julie Dickson, Investment Specialist


    Henderson Global Investors

    Is there still value in European Equities ?, Nick Sheridan, Manager of the Henderson Horizon Euroland Fund.


    Degroof Petercam Asset Management

    Investing in high yields bonds, an attractive solution in a low yield environment.  

    Bernard Lalière, Head of High Yield Bonds

  • 11:50
    Panel Discussion - Technology & Customer Centricity

    Is digital transformation impacting your sector and how? How to better follow up on client needs? Can we use Big Data in the fund industry and how? The development of trading platform on the internet.


    Manuel Arrivé, Senior Director, Fund and Asset Manager Group, Fitch Ratings
    Alexey Yeremenko, Head of Fixed Income, EWUB
    Maxime Aerts, COO, Fundsquare

    Moderated by Carlo Duprel, Director, Deloitte


  • 12:20
  • 14:00
    The European gap. Economic and policy challenges for 2016

    Etienne De Callatäy, Chief Economist, Université de Namur et UCL (Belgium)

  • 14:15
    Presentations/Q&A session - Geopolitical context & macroeconomic challenges


    Daniel Lacalle, CIO of Tressis Gestion and Economist, fund manager, author of Life In The Financial Markets and The Energy World Is Flat.

    2016, une année sous haute(s) tension(s) by Wilfrid Galand, Directeur du Conseil en Investissements, Banque Neuflize OBC

    Moderation of the Q&A session by Hans Bevers, Chief Economist, Bank Degroof Petercam

  • 14:45
    1 minute to convince (Workshops row 3)
  • 14:50
    Workshops session (30′ each)


    T. Rowe Price International 

    US Growth opportunities outside FANG, Leigh Innes, Portfolio Specialist, Emerging Markets Equities


    Crédit Suisse

    Credit Suisse Reddito – Stellar Allocation Fund – Balanced Investment Strategy, Francesco Spadaccia CFA, Portfolio Manager


    Xeon International

    Social Responsible Investments « made in Luxembourg”,

    Yves Duponselle Chairman of the Board of Xeon Fund Sicav-SIF S.C.A

    Giancarlo d’Elia Chief Executive Officer of Xeon Fund Sicav-SIF S.C.A.




  • 15:20
    B2Match & Coffee